WHAT THE HELL IS A SURLY PIKA? [and other info]


noun | pi-ka |

: any of various short-eared small lagomorph mammals (family Ochotonidae) of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America with relatively short hind legs —called also coney, rock rabbit.

first known use: 1827

Given their round, chubby stature and tiny little legs, it is safe to assume a pika would indeed be surly if it were in an adventure race.

The Surly Pika is not a triathlon or a relay. It is an adventure race in the front-country of Wyoming’s largest mountain range, the Wind River Range. There are two initial race divisions to choose from: a 6-hour course and a 12-hour course. Within each course, teams of 2-3 will receive maps with pre-plotted checkpoints. Teams will make their way by bike, foot, and boat or pack raft through the course to find checkpoints. Routes are not predetermined-racers will choose their own way from checkpoint to checkpoint. Teams do not have to secure all checkpoints to finish the race-this allows experienced racers to be challenged and new racers to create a course within their abilities. However, note that teams will be scored by checkpoints first and time second.